SDSC Comet: NFS server issue [resolved]

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 09/13/2020 14:27 UTC

We are seeing problems with high load on one of the Comet NFS servers. This is causing slow home directory access/timeouts for some users. We are looking into the issue and will update once its resolved. Please email help@xsede.org if you have... (read_more_link)Read more


/work Filesystem Status Thursday 10 September 2020

Posted by Matthew Edeker on 09/10/2020 19:21 UTC

The /work filesystem is currently unavailable due to a failed switch, TACC staff are working to replace the switch and restore access to the filesystem.

Please submit any questions you may have via the TACC User Portal



[RESOLVED] Jetstream TACC cloud partial outage

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 09/09/2020 19:07 UTC

The TACC-hosted cloud of Jetstream is presently experiencing an outage of most of the compute nodes. Instances on those nodes are unreachable.

We do not know a cause at this time. Engineers are working on this now. We will update as soon as we... (read_more_link)Read more


SDSC Comet Lustre scratch filesystem issue [resolved]

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 09/08/2020 23:03 UTC

We are currently seeing a high load on one of the Lustre object storage servers for the Comet parallel scratch filesystem (/oasis/scratch/comet). This is leading to slow response times and timeouts on the filesystem. We are looking into the... (read_more_link)Read more