Jetstream-TACC: OpenStack control plain upgrade

Outage start
08/26/2019 08:00 EDT
Anticipated end
08/27/2019 18:00 EDT
Outage type
Partial outage

Update 3

Posted by Brian Beck on 08/28/2019 03:36 UTC

Maintenance and Upgrades on the Jetstream TACC cloud have finished as of 9pm CDT, Aug 27, 2019.
Normal monitoring and management functions have been restored.

If you experience any changes in service, please contact the XSEDE Help Desk

Update 2

Posted by Brian Beck on 08/27/2019 13:31 UTC

REMINDER: Jetstream-TACC continues to undergo upgrades and maintenance today (Tue 8/27) which should not impact running VMs but WILL impact openstack and atmosphere monitoring and management functions.

Update 1

Posted by Brian Beck on 08/26/2019 14:05 UTC

REMINDER: Jetstream-TACC cloud will having varying response levels TODAY 8/26 through tomorrow 8/27.

Original post

Posted by George W. Turner on 08/16/2019 19:34 UTC

The Jetstream-TACC control plane will be upgraded to the latest OpenStack versions. Intermittent Atmosphere and OpenStack command failures should be expected between 8:00am EDT Monday 26-July-2019 and 6:00pm EDT Tuesday 27-July-2019. We are not anticipating any impact upon running VMs. We will update this notification upon completion of the upgrade activities. Please address any questions and/or comments to referencing this announcement.