Finding information about available XSEDE services

Pages with information about digital services on the Extreme Science and Engineering and Discovery Environment (XSEDE) are available from the Resources tab in the XSEDE User Portal:

Page Information
Systems Monitor
Dynamic information on status, load, and number of running and queued jobs for each compute, visualization, storage, and special purpose system on XSEDE (from the Resources tab, click Systems Monitor)
Remote visualization
Information about visualization services for analyzing very large data sets on XSEDE (from the Resources tab, click Remote Visualization)
Find publicly available software and services anywhere on XSEDE, including CTSS, Service Provider-local software, and software available through XSEDE Science Gateways (from the Resources tab, click Software)
Queue prediction
Predict when your job will run (from the Resources tab, click Queue Prediction); for more, see What is the XSEDE Queue Prediction tool, and how do I use it to estimate when my job will run?
Science Gateways
A complete list of current Science Gateways, and links to detailed project descriptions (from the Resources tab, click Science Gateways)
Scheduled downtimes
A dynamic calendar listing of scheduled maintenance and downtimes for XSEDE services (from the Resources tab, click Scheduled Downtimes)

For links to user guides, see User Guides in the User Portal.

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