XSEDE Advisory Board

The XSEDE Advisory Board (XAB) meets quarterly or more often as needed, to provide XSEDE leadership valuable professional external feedback. The XAB is comprised of various leaders around the country from both private industry and public institutions who act as a sounding board for XSEDE's high-level activities. XAB expertise is invaluable and serves as a catalyst for achieving the absolute best from XSEDE's vision, mission and goals.

Current members of the XAB:

  • Service Provider Forum Representatives:
    • Dan Stanzione, TACC (SF Forum Chair) (2015- )
    • Craig Stewart, IU (2016- )
    • Shawn Strande, SDSC (2016- )


  • User Advisory Committee Representative:
    • Emre Brooks, University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio (2015- )


Former XAB Members: