What We Do


Scientists, engineers, social scientists, and humanists around the world—many of them at colleges and universities—use advanced digital resources and services every day. Things like supercomputers, collections of data, and new tools are critical to the success of those researchers, who use them to make our lives healthier, safer, and better.

XSEDE integrates these resources and services, makes them easier to use, and helps more people use them.

XSEDE supports 13 supercomputers and high-end visualization and data analysis resources across the country. More details on these resources are available on the Resources area.

Digital services, meanwhile, provide users with seamless integration to NSF's high-performance computing and data resources. XSEDE's integrated, comprehensive suite of advanced digital services will federate with other high-end facilities and with campus-based resources, serving as the foundation for a national cyberinfrastructure ecosystem. Common authentication and trust mechanisms, global namespace and filesystems, remote job submission and monitoring, and file transfer services are examples of XSEDE's advanced digital services. XSEDE's standards-based architecture allows open development for future digital services and enhancements.

XSEDE also provides the expertise to ensure that researchers can make the most of the supercomputers and tools. Those include:

  • Extended Collaborative Support Service (ECSS), which includes teaming XSEDE computational science experts with individual research groups or research communities to extend their capabilities.

  • An advanced hardware and software architecture rooted in user requirements and hardened by systems engineering that allows for individualized user experiences, consistent and enduring software interfaces, improved data management, and ways for campus resources to be transparently integrated into the overall XSEDE infrastructure.

  • The XSEDE User Portal, a web interface that allows users to monitor and access XSEDE resources, manage jobs on those resources, report issues, and analyze and visualize results.

  • Coordinated allocations of NSF's high-end resources and digital services.

  • XSEDEnet – A high-speed research network, built upon Internet2's advanced networking infrastructure, in which XSEDE service providers are connected to one another via 10 or 100 gigabit per second network connections.

  • Specialized community-provided services that serve a particular function and allow for rapid innovation and experimentation.

  • Advanced cybersecurity to ensure that XSEDE resources and services are easily accessible to users but protected against attack.

  • Training, Education, and Outreach that expand participation in XSEDE-based projects, curriculum development, and more traditional training opportunities.

  • Advanced support for novel and innovative projects.

  • A fellowship program that brings Campus Champions to work closely over the course of months with advanced user support staff at XSEDE service providers.