Visualization is a means by which data is translated into images or animations that better represent the phenomena being measured or modeled. It provides a powerful way to interact with and analyze data at any scale, and is particularly crucial for understanding and communicating the results for many high performance computing applications. XSEDE provides visualization services to all users with accounts on XSEDE resources, regardless of scale or complexity. There are a variety of resources and software services provided to the user community for a diverse domain of science and engineering problems.

Available Visualization resources

TACC's Maverick Maverick
User Guide
TACC's Maverick Hewlett-Packard/NVIDIA Interactive Visualization and Data Analytics System is intended primarily for interactive visualization and data analysis jobs. Maverick's fast data movement and advanced statistical analysis capabilities allow for interactive query of large-scale data sets. Normal batch queues will enable users to run simulations up to 6 hours for interactive jobs and 24 hours for GPGPU and HPC jobs. Maverick is configured with 132 HP ProLiant SL250s Gen8 compute nodes and debuts 132 NVIDIA Tesla K40 GPU accelerators.
TACC Visualization Portal
XSEDE offers remote visualization service with interactive visualization capabilities for users needing to analyze very large data sets. Users with an allocation on Maverick may access the TACC Visualization Portal, a portal-based remote visualization service.

Last update: May 29, 2015