User Portal

The XSEDE User Portal is a web interface providing XSEDE account management, information about XSEDE resources, and means to access many of the existing XSEDE services from a single location.

Creating An Account

If you do not have a portal account you can create one by clicking on the Create Account link on the sign-in form. Follow the account creation and validation process to complete your portal account. Once you have a portal account you can apply for an allocation or request a PI to add you to an existing account.

Logging In to the Portal

The portal can be reached from the menu bar of any User Info page or by browsing to From the Portal home page, enter your portal username and password in the corresponding fields in the login form, and click the "Login" button. If you don't see the Login form immediately after you load the portal in your web browser, click the Login link in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Overview of Features

Once you are logged in to the portal you will notice navigation at the top of the page representing the available portal services. Under each tab is a set of navigation links for services within each main service category.

  • Home: information about the portal, urgent notifications to portal users, and a place for users to provide feedback about the portal. This tab also includes the login page for users who are not logged in.
  • My XSEDE: includes information about your XSEDE projects and allocations, system account usernames on all XSEDE resources, a list of registered distinguished names, password change form, and an "Add User" form. This tab mostly contains information related to you, the user, and your XSEDE account.
  • User Forums: online web forums for users to share knowledge, tips, and ask questions from other users in the XSEDE community.
  • Resources: an interface for monitoring the status of XSEDE resources. In particular, it shows the load and job queues for compute resources as well as general static information about all of the resources. Users may also browse science gateways from the Resources tab.
  • Documentation: access to user relevant documentation within the user portal.
  • Training: a list of online and and in person training offered to XSEDE users.
  • Consulting: how to contact the XSEDE Help Desk and report security incidents.
  • Allocations: how to request XSEDE allocations.