XSEDE software resources include software and services that are centrally supported, software that is supported locally by the service provider sites, software environment management tools, and software areas for installation of software maintained by the user and available to a specified community of users.

Software Search

To search available software on XSEDE sites visit the:

  XSEDE User Portal Software Search

XSEDE Services and Community Codes

Following is additional documentation on several of the services and community codes available on XSEDE resources.

  • XSEDE Services

    • GenesisII GFFS: The Global Federated File System allows users access to data and storage space along with the ability to manipulate and share that data with other researchers, and run jobs on XSEDE resources. New !!
    • Globus: Introduction to Globus Online on XSEDE, a fast, secure file transfer service.
    • Job Management with GRAM5: An introduction to GRAM5, command-line utilities for managing multiple jobs across all XSEDE resources.
    • UNICORE: The user-friendly UNICORE client is a grid interface providing seamless access to remote and distributed computing resources.
    • xdusage: Monitor your XSEDE allocation with this command-line tool.
Last update: February 16, 2016

Community Software Areas (CSAs)

Interested in sharing your software with others on XSEDE? XSEDE provides allocations and disk space for those who would like to make software available for others. Request a common location to install executable, scripts and libraries that will be shared by your community of users. No need to use home directories to share software. XSEDE staff will back up this area. XSEDE can also list your package in our Software catalog, advertise training that you might offer and provide usage statistics.

To get started, you may request a startup allocation to support development, installation, and maintenance activities for your community software project.  CSAs are supported on the following systems:

  • Comet (SDSC)
  • Bridges (PSC)
  • Gordon (SDSC) 
  • Maverick (TACC)
  • Stampede (TACC) 
  • Wrangler (TACC)

A description of XSEDE resources can be found here:

For more information please contact the XSEDE Help Desk and request support for a CSA.

Last updated August 7, 2016