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Designing Safer Buildings Against Natural Hazards

Designing Safer Buildings Against Natural Hazards

Project uses XSEDE's support services as blueprint for natural hazards digital laboratory

Natural hazards engineers have lacked the cyber infrastructure necessary to push their collaborative research to the next level—a level where computing resources and relevant, up-to-date models are easier to access for earthquake-mitigating research.

 Ellen Rathje, civil engineering professor at the University of Texas Austin, leads a project that's developing this infrastructure, Design Safe-Cyber Infrastructure. She's modeling the project's computational expert support for researchers using the infrastructure after XSEDE's Extended Collaborative Support Services (ECSS)—which pairs researchers with computational experts that work across different research groups.

DesignSafe facilitates the use of XSEDE resources, like the cloud, within the natural hazards engineering research community. And when researchers who are new to applying high powered computing to their research hit a roadblock, they step in, helping them one-on-one to resolve their problems, much like ECSS.