Cyberinfrastructure Resource Integration

Requirements Analysis and Capability Delivery - integrating XSEDE infrastructure, software and services

The Requirements and Capability Delivery (RACD) team coordinates the engineering work necessary to integrate software and services into production at Service Providers and campuses, as XSEDE central services, as external vendor services, or on user personal systems.  RACD uses engineering best practices and tools, works with external vendors and software partners to minimize integration cost to XSEDE, and aims to maximize ROI to XSEDE and the NSF. In sum, RACD is what lets XSEDE operate as an integrated whole. Priorities for RACD are set primarily by the XSEDE User Requirements Evaluation and Prioritization (UREP) committee.
The RACD team is available to assist software and service providers to share there software with the XSEDE community and to integrate their software into the XSEDE environment to expand the capabilities available to users. To get help integrating new software and services into the XSEDE environment e-mail: or call the XSEDE help line: 1-866-907-2383
RACD operated services include:
  • The Community Software Repository (CSR) is a service and tool for the national research community to facilitate connecting resources, software, and services into the broader cyberinfrastructure ecosystem. This repository includes a variety of resources for both XSEDE Service Providers and unassociated campuses. The CSR provides capabilities for five main use cases: Account Management, Community Building, Enabling Functions (such as job submission or authentication to multiple resources), Scientific Computing, and Scientific Data management. It is available at
  • Information Services is a services and tool that integrates XSEDE resources, software, and service information from all available sources and provides a central set of APIs that enable portals, gateways, distributing computing tools, and other services to access the latest infrastructure information. Information services supports both the publish/subscribe and update/query methods to store and access information.
  • The Karnak Service predicts how quickly batch jobs will start on XSEDE resources.
In addition, RACD integrates many other services that are operated by XSEDE Operations, and external software partners, and vendors, including: