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Winning Posters on GPU Programming Send UW Students to SC16

Two University of Wyoming graduate students earned a trip to the SC16 conference in November by virtue of winning the poster contest at the recent Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium (RMACC) High Performance Computing Symposium. The 2016 RMACC Poster winners: Pranay Reddy Kommera, a first-year doctoral student from India majoring in electrical engineering, took first prize with his poster project, titled “Design and Optimization of a Distributed Memory, Multi-GPU Implementation of a 2-D Discontinuous Galerkin Atmospheric Dynamical Core.” The second was Supreeth Madapur Suresh, a second-year master’s student from Bangalore, India, majoring in electrical and computer engineering, won third place with his poster project, titled “An OpenACC Implementation of a Dynamical Core Component of the MPAS Atmospheric Model.” Kommera’s poster focused on the design and optimization of multiple graphics processing units (GPU) for a mathematical method — called Discontinuous Galerkin — that is used for high-resolution meteorological modeling and weather forecasting. Suresh’s poster focused on refactoring of the existing Model for Prediction Across Scales (MPAS) source code — for both CPU and GPU execution — using the OpenACC programming model. Learn more at

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