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SC17 Experiencing Robust Exhibitor Participation

Even though SC17 is still more than eight months away, the SC17 Exhibits Committee is reporting significant positive exhibitor response to participating in the Exhibition in Denver this coming November.  In fact, they already eclipsed the total SC16 exhibitor count and booth space. “As HPC’s importance only continues to grow, the most important HPC decision makers from both research and industry from all corners of the world recognize that attending SC is essential to their success,” said Bronis R. de Supinski, SC17 Exhibits Chair from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  “We also spend considerable time and resources on adding new components to the exhibition that enhance both the attendee and the exhibitor experience.” According to de Supinski some of the items being discussed for SC17 are more social media outreach for real-time exhibit floor updates as well as adding some informal meeting or networking points that are not tied to a particular booth. Further, the SC17 Emerging Technologies booth will be incorporated into the exhibit floor. Learn more at

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