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SC16 Releases SCC Focus on Team SegFAUlt

When asked to provide an interesting fact about their group, Team SegFAUlt from Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany was tempted to write a funny story, but then remembered, “We’re German – we are efficient and have no sense of humor! ;).” For the university’s third time in the SCC, they wanted to come up with a team name that was characteristic, but also smart and easy to remember. The name of choice became “Team SegFAUlt,” which includes both the abbreviation of the university, FAU, and the common word for a segmentation fault in computing indicating a memory access violation. “As every programmer knows segfaults, and has probably dealt with them a dozen times before, we think the combination is perfect. It both distinguishes us as members of our university, and reflects our interest in computer science and programming. Lastly, it gives our team a certain recognition value.” As for their secret sauce, the team is counting on the diverse backgrounds of its members, including computer science, computational engineering, business informatics and medical engineering, giving them a good mixture between knowledge in different areas of computing, project organization and technical expertise. “Lastly, we think our long preparation and motivation are the keys which will make us successful.” And as they are looking at all the pieces falling neatly into place, they identified the Tetris theme as their song. Learn more at

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