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Nvidia Debuts HGX-1 for Cloud; Announces Fujitsu AI Deal

On Monday Nvidia announced a major deal with Fujitsu to help build an AI supercomputer for RIKEN using 24 DGX-1 servers. Midweek at the Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit in Santa Clara, Calif., the GPU technology leader unveiled blueprints for a new open source Tesla P100-based accelerator – HGX-1 – developed for clouds with Microsoft under its Project Olympus. (We’ll make an educated guess that the D in DGX-1 stands for Deep Learning and the H in HGX-1 for Hyperscale.) At roughly the same time, Facebook introduced Big Basin, the successor to its Big Sur GPU server, which also uses Nvidia P100s (in a similar 8-way configuration, which we’ll get into in a moment). And in the embedded world, Nvidia announced the Jetson TX2, billed as a “drop-in supercomputer,” with an ARM-based CPU supporting Pascal graphics. That’s a productive week by any standard and there are multiple threads to follow here. Most of the activity was driven by artificial intelligence/deep learning’s continued drive into upper-end HPC and the cloud. Nvidia has been striving to leverage its GPU strength in both traditional scientific computing as well as in AI/DL whose applications often require lower precision (32-, 16-, and even 8-bit) computation. Learn more at

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