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MapD Open Sources High-Speed GPU-Powered Database

Today MapD Technologies released the MapD Core database to the open source community under the Apache 2 license, seeding a new generation of data applications. “Open source is sparking innovation for data science and analytics developers,” said Greg Papadopoulos, venture partner at New Enterprise Associates (NEA). “An open-source GPU-powered SQL database will make entirely new applications possible, especially in machine learning where GPUs have had such an enormous impact. We’re incredibly proud to partner with the MapD team as they take this pivotal step.” MapD pioneered the use of graphics processing units (GPUs) to analyze multi-billion-row datasets in milliseconds, orders-of-magnitude faster than traditional CPU-based systems. By open sourcing the MapD Core database and associated visualization libraries, MapD is making the world’s fastest analytics platform available to everyone. MapD has also released a free Community Edition of its software for non-commercial development and academic use. The MapD Community Edition includes the MapD Core database and MapD Immerse visual analytics client.Learn more at

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