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Los Alamos Researcher Honored for HPC Storage Leadership

Gary Grider, deputy division leader of the High Performance Computing (HPC) Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, was awarded 2015 Richard P. Feynman Innovation Prize at a ceremony last week for his national leadership in developing cutting-edge HPC strategies and his innovative business partnerships. Grider is a leader in the HPC storage community and holds 12 patents and over 30 active patent applications in the area. Currently Grider is designing the MarFS storage system—the first of its kind to make cloud-style object storage usable by legacy HPC applications and users by enabling normal file system access with the file and folder concepts of data on scalable cloud storage systems. The MarFS project will demonstrate scaling to handle billions of files in one folder and tens of trillions of files in a file system, numbers previously thought impossible to reach. MarFS has been demonstrated at scale as cool storage for Trinity, and represents an important advance in levering cloud-based object storage for legacy HPC use. Learn more at

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