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Latest Irish Supercomputer List Reflects Growing Capabilities

The sixth Irish Supercomputer List is out today, reflecting substantial growth in computational power from just a year ago. The new list represents a dramatic shake-up of the Irish High Performance Computing (HPC) landscape, with aggregate Irish HPC power exceeding 1 Petaflop/s for the first time. There are six new machines at positions 1, 2, 3, 8, 20 and 28. All top three machines are Top500-class, currently featuring at positions 357, 453, and 454 on the 47th Top500 list, representing the 500 fastest supercomputers on Earth. These three machines combined have a performance of 981 TFlop/s, nearly 1.5 times the combined power of all 28 machines on the December 2015 list. The result is a more than doubling of Ireland’s total HPC output. Combined, all machines on the Irish Supercomputer List now have a total processing power of 1.42PFlop/s (Petaflops). Find out more at

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