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How AMD’s Naples X86 Server Chip Stacks Up to Intel’s Xeons

Ever so slowly, and not so fast as to give competitor Intel too much information about what it is up to, but just fast enough to build interest in the years of engineering smarts that has gone into its forthcoming “Naples” X86 server processor, AMD is lifting the veil on the product that will bring it back into the datacenter and that will bring direct competition to the Xeon platform that dominates modern computing infrastructure. It has been a bit of a rolling thunder revelation of information about the Zen core used in the “Naples” server chip, the brand of which has not been released as yet and which will probably not be Opteron as past server chips have been, and in the “Summit Ridge” Ryzen desktop processors. AMD talked quite a bit about the Zen architecture at last year’s Hot Chips conference, and showed a demo of the Ryzen desktop part coincident with Intel Developer Forum. Now, as the Open Compute Project Summit spearheaded by Facebook is underway in Silicon Valley, AMD is telling us a little more about the Naples chip, which is the first server processor based on the Zen architecture and the first real server chip we have seen out of AMD since the sixteen core “Abu Dhabi” Opteron 6300s came out in November 2012. (We might call the follow-on to the Opterons “Zazen,” in honor of Zen meditation and because it is very likely impossible to fight a trademark on this term, but no one knows what it will be called outside of AMD as yet.) Learn more at

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