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GÉANT, UbuntuNet Alliance, and IU Co-Lead $3.25M Grant to Improve Research Collaborations

Awarded by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) to Dr. Jennifer Schopf at Indiana University (IU), the grant is the result of a collaboration between IU, GÉANT, and three main African partners to increase international research output and provide cost effective data sharing solutions to support more scientific applications between continents. The ‘’Networks for European, American, and African Research’’ – or NEAAR – collaboration plans to: increase network capacity between the US and Europe with a new 100 Gbps link, set up a new exchange point in Africa, and benefit from synergies with the AfricaConnect2 project. Started in 2015, AfricaConnect2 is an EU-funded project building a pan-African network for research and education and connecting it to the pan-European GÉANT network. It is co-managed by GÉANT, the UbuntuNet Alliance, WACREN and ASREN. Once established it will facilitate data sharing across Africa as well as with Europe and the US. Learn more at

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