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Call for Papers: High Performance Computing for Big Data

4th International Workshop on High Performance Computing for Big Data (HPC4BD 2017) to be held in conjunction with the 46th International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP), August 14, 2017 at Bristol, United Kingdom. Scope and Topics of Interest: Processing large datasets for extracting information and knowledge has always been a fundamental problem. Today this problem is further exacerbated, as the data a researcher or a company needs to cope with can be immense in terms of volume, distributed in terms of location, and unstructured in terms of format. Recent advances in computer hardware and storage technologies have allowed us to gather, store, and analyze such large-scale data. However, without scalable and cost effective algorithms that utilize the resources in an efficient way, neither the resources nor the data itself can serve to science and society at its full potential. Read more at

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