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AMD Reveals ‘Instinct’ for Machine Intelligence

At the AMD Tech Summit in Sonoma, Calif., last week (Dec. 7-9), CEO Lisa Su unveiled the company’s vision to accelerate machine intelligence over the next five to ten years with an open and heterogeneous computing approach and a new suite of hardware and open-source software offerings. The roots for this strategy can be traced back to the company’s acquisition of graphics chipset manufacturer ATI in 2006 and the subsequent launch of the CPU-GPU hybrid Fusion generation of computer processors. In 2012, the Fusion platform matured into the Heterogeneous Systems Architecture (HSA), now owned and maintained by the HSA Foundation. Ten years since launching Fusion, AMD believes it has found the killer app for heterogeneous computing in machine intelligence, which is driven by exponential data surges. “Why are we so excited about this? We’ve actually been talking about heterogeneous computing for the last ten years,” Su continued. “This is the reason we wanted to bring CPUs and GPUs together under one roof and we were doing this when people didn’t understand why we were doing this and we were also learning about what the market was and where the market needed these applications, but it’s absolutely clear that for the machine intelligence era, we need heterogeneous compute.” The Instinct brand will launch in the first half of 2017 with three accelerators (MI6, MI8 and MI25). Learn more at

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