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'Cut!' - the AI director

At the Cannes Lions advertising festival on Thursday morning, an audience was shown a series of short films in the annual New Directors Showcase, which highlights emerging talent. One of the entries had AI as a director. A few days ago, I saw Eclipse, a pop video featuring a French band, at the offices of Saatchi and Saatchi, which runs the Cannes showcase and commissioned the AI entry. What is remarkable about it is not the production values - it is actually a rather dull piece of work - but a process that involved AI at every stage. All the computer had been given was the track, Saatchi and Saatchi director of film and content Andy Gulliman said. "We then relied on the machine to give us a script and then a treatment," he said. Then, another machine took that treatment and directed the shooting of the promo, by cameras on drones, all connected to the "AI Spielberg". Various AI programs, including IBM Watson and a Microsoft chatbot, Ms Rinna, were used at different stages. Read more about this at

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