ECSS Workflows

XSEDE ECSS Workflow Community Applications Team

Do you have a scientific workflow?  Do you use XSEDE in any of the following ways?
  • Large scale parameter sweep problems.
  • Computations that need to run on more than one XSEDE site.
  • Computations that combine multiple scientific applications in novel ways.
  • Computations with demanding pre- and post-processing steps that require XSEDE all by themselves.
  • Computations requiring non-trivial data movement between XSEDE resources.
The Workflow Community Applications Team is available to help.  We provide expertise and assistance with scientific workflow software tools that make challenging workflow problems more efficiently executed, easier to manage, and easier to reproduce.


Staff Mailing List: This is a private mailing list that can be used to reach XSEDE workflow team members and managers.
Community Mailing List: This is a community mailing list that is open to anyone interested in scientific workflows. To subscribe, email with "subscribe workflows" in the body of the message.

XSEDE Scientific Workflow Case Studies

Do you want to learn more about scientific workflows? Here are some example projects.

Team Members and Affiliates

Mats Rynge (ISI/USC)
Marlon Pierce (Indiana University)
Suresh Marru (Indiana University): Science Gateways Project Manager
Sergiu Sanielevici (Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center): Novel and Innovative Projects Lead


Mission Statement

To better enable challenging scientific research on XSEDE through the use of scientific workflow technologies.


The XSEDE Workflow Community Applications Team's charter is to assist researchers to use scientific workflow technologies on XSEDE to solve challenging scientific problems involving parameter sweeps, multiple applications combined in dependency chains, tightly coupled applications, and similar execution patterns that require multiple applications and multiple XSEDE resources.  The workflow team accomplishes its mission through the use of third party workflow software in collaboration with the workflow developers, service providers and XSEDE Extended Collaborative Support Services.