Extended Collaborative Support Service (ECSS)

ECSS Projects

Here is a list of ECSS Projects broken up by: Research Teams, Community Codes, Scientific Gateways, and Past Project

Last Updated June 13, 2017

Research Teams

Project Name PI Name PI Institution Consultant Name Allocation End
Decomposing Bodies Alison Langmead University of Pittsburgh Craig, Alan,Puthanveetil, Sandeep,Rodriguez, Paul 5/3/17
Machine Assisted Rhetorical Analysis James Ian Wynn Carnegie Mellon University Gomez, Roberto 5/17/17
Micromechanical analysis of stress-strain inhomoheneities with Fourier transforms (MASSIF) Anthony D Rollett  Carnegie Mellon University  Jana, Anirban 5/17/17
DISSCO, a Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition Sever Tipei University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Rodriguez, Paul,Sinkovits, Bob 6/13/17
Computational Design and Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Protein, Polymers and Host-Guest Interact Jeffery G Saven University of Pennsylvania Eijkhout, Victor 6/30/17
Computational fluid-structure interaction of biological systems, Y3  Haoxiang Luo Vanderbilt University Liu, Hang 6/30/17
Constructing Nanosecond Level Snapshot of Financial Markets Using Supercomputers, y3 Mao Ye University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Huang, Lei,O'Neal, David 6/30/17
DNS of droplet-laden isotropic turbulence, y4 Antonino Ferrante University of Washington Adams, Darren 6/30/17
Image Analysis of the 1935-1944 Farm Security Administration - Office of War Information Photography Elizabeth Wuerffel Valparaiso University Craig, Alan,Puthanveetil, Sandeep,Rodriguez, Paul 6/30/17
Multiscale Simulation and Complex Data Fitting of HIV Latency-Reactivation Control and Viral Dynamic Alan Stuart Perelson Los Alamos National Laboratory Abeysinghe, Eroma,Carrington, Laura,Hoover, Paul 6/30/17
Numerical Modeling of High-Impact Weather: Severe Storms, Tornadoes and Winter Cyclones, Y4 Brian F Jewett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign O'Neal, David 6/30/17
Simulation for 2D Semiconductor with Parallel Uniform and Adaptive Multigrid Method for Phase Field  Zhen Guan University of California, Irvine Bock, David,Pamidighantam, Sudhakar,Pekurovsky, Dmitry 6/30/17
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Christopher Norton Warren Carnegie Mellon University Gomez, Roberto,Walling, David 6/30/17
Digital Humanities Projects: Processing XML Data Elisa Eileen Beshero-Bondar University of Pittsburgh   8/16/17
Computational studies of earthquake hazards: effects of complex geologic structure and topography on Morgan Paul Moschetti US Geological Survey Cui, Yifeng,Koesterke, Lars 9/30/17
Large Scale Biomechanics Simulations in ABAQUS Jonathan Pieter Vande Geest University of Pittsburgh  Jana, Anirban 10/9/17
First-principles studis of electronic structure and transport in semiconductors and multifunctional  Xiaoguang Zhang University of Florida Wang, Yang 11/1/17
Distributed MCMC for Bayesian Hierarchical Models Imran Currim University of California, Irvine  Rodriguez, Paul,Zonca, Andrea 11/3/17
ARIEL: Analysis of Rare Incident-Event Languages  Ravi Starzl Carnegie Mellon University Simmel, Derek,Urbanic, John 12/7/17
Computational Studies on Physical and Chemical Properties Yigui Wang Southern Connecticut State University Madrid, Marcela,Wang, Yang 12/31/17
Statistical Analysis for Partially-Observed Markov Processes with Marked Point Process Obs, Y4 Yong Zeng University of Missouri, Kansas City Horton, Mitch 12/31/17
Structural Estimation of Equilibrium Models, Y3  Chao Fu University of Wisconsin-Madison Carrington, Laura 12/31/17
Tuning Geodynamo Simulation to Paleomagnetic Observations, Y2 David Gubbins Scripps Institution of Oceanography Burdyshaw, Chad,Su, Shiquan 12/31/17
Speeding-up Agent-Based Simulation of Cattle Herd Infection Diseases Rebecca Lee Smith National Center for Supercomputing Applications Cui, Yifeng 2/21/18
Deep Learning for drug-protein interaction prediction Gil Alterovitz Harvard Medical School/Boston Children's Hospital Wang, Yang 3/26/18
Multilingual FrameNet: Cross-lingual Alignment and Annotation Collin F Baker International Computer Science Institute Gomez, Roberto 3/26/18
An implicit, Chimera-based discontinuous Galerkin solver: development and application Paul David Orkwis University of Cincinnati Bock, David,Del Vento, Davide 3/31/18
Computation and testing of effective degree of eQTL Networks Sheila Marie Gaynor Harvard University   5/16/18
Genome-Wide microRNAs and Single Gamete Based Genetic Profiling of Sweet Sorghum Varieties for Biofu Ahmad Naseer Aziz Tennessee State University   5/16/18


Community Codes:

Project Name PI Name PI Institution Consultant Name Allocation End
Adaptive Finite-element Simulations of Complex Industrial Flow Problems Cameron Walter Smith Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Huang, Lei 6/30/17
Direct Numerical Simulations and Analysis of Compressible And Incompressible Turbulence, Y3 Diego Donzis Texas A&M University Patel, Pragnesh 6/30/17
Genome Assembly and Annotation of Red Abalone, Yellowtail, Soybean Cyst Nematode and Spiny Softshell Andrew J Severin Iowa State University O'Neal, David 6/30/17
Omics approaches to understanding cellular and organismal responses to chronic stress in marine mamm Jane Khudyakov University of the Pacific Ferlanti, Erik 9/1/17
Surface-induced forcing and decadal variability and change of the East Asian climate, surface hydrol Yongkang Xue University of California, Los Angeles Su, Shiquan 9/14/17
Assessing future flood risk from the emerging threat of Madden-Julian Oscillation amplification usin Gabe Kooperman University of California, Irvine Liu, Si 9/30/17
Computational Anatomy Gateway  Michael I Miller Johns Hopkins University Gomez, Antonio 9/30/17
Exploring the universe with Advanced LIGO's detections of compact-object binaries Duncan Brown Syracuse University Koesterke, Lars,Pekurovsky, Dmitry 9/30/17
Predictability and Data Assimilation of Severe Weather and Tropical Cyclones, Y2 Fuqing Zhang Pennsylvania State University Foss, Greg 9/30/17
Computational Support for Bioinformatics Projects on Assembly Analysis of Fungal Metagenomes for the Suping Zhou Tennessee State University Ropelewski, Alex 12/31/17
Preparing for Checkpoint-Restart in the Exascale Generation, Y2 Gene Cooperman Northeastern University Vienne, Jerome 12/31/17
Simulation of Quantum Circuits in the Clifford-T gate set Antia Lamas-Linares Texas Advanced Computing Center Proctor, Cyrus 2/9/18
Using semantic networks to generate novel hypotheses in biomedicine  Jodi Schneider University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   3/1/18
Alpha-viscosity vs. GRMHD Patrick C Fragile College of Charleston   3/31/18
Development of a High-Performance Parallel Gibbs Ensemble Monte Carlo Simulation Engine Jeffrey J. Potoff Wayne State University   5/31/18


Scientific Gateways:

Project Name PI Name PI Institution Consultant Name Allocation End
Providing a Science Gateway to Existing Simulations of Galaxy Cluster Mergers, Y2 Marios Chatzikos University of Kentucky Thompson, Christopher 6/12/17
Simulation for the IceCube telescope data analysis and detector upgrade studies Francis Halzen University of Wisconsin-Madison Rynge, Mats 6/30/17
High Resolution Spatial Temporal Analysis of Whole-Head 306-Channel Magnetoencephalography and 66-Ch David Shannahoff-Khalsa  University of California, San Diego  Wong, Mona 8/9/17
dREG Science Gateway Charles G Danko Cornell University Abeysinghe, Eroma 8/14/17
WaterHUB for Hydrologic Modeling and Education Venkatesh Merwade Purdue University Zhao, Lan 9/7/17
DiaGrid: Deliverying Science-as-a-Service for Collaborative Research and Education Communities Carol Xiaohui Song Purdue University Thompson, Christopher 10/2/17
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Digital Asset Management Brooke Sansosti Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Gomez, Roberto 10/18/17
Data Investigation and Sharing Environment for Big Weather Web Carlos Maltzahn University of California, Santa Cruz Marru, Suresh 12/1/17
Atmospheric Science in the Cloud: Enabling Data-Proximate Science  Mohan Ramamurthy UCAR/Unidata  Marru, Suresh 12/31/17
Deploying Multi-Facility Cyberinfrastructure in XSEDE cloud and storage facilities to serve the nati Timothy Keith Ahern Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology Zonca, Andrea 12/31/17
Inter-cloud Bursting: Decreasing Time-to-Science with a Multi-Stack Cloud Federation Adam M Brazier Cornell University Rynge, Mats 12/31/17
Modeling the Effective Energy and Mass Transfer input to Earth's Critical Zone from sub-meter to glo Jon Damian Pelletier University of Arizona Liu, Yan,Rynge, Mats 12/31/17
NFIE Hydrological Property Computation at National Scale Zong-Liang Yang University of Texas at Austin Liu, Yan 1/17/18
Particle-in-Cell and Kinetic Simulation Software Center (PICKSC) Gateway Benjamin John Winjum University of California, Los Angeles   5/16/18
GISandbox: A Gateway for Research, Education, and Experimentation in Geographic Information Systems  Eric Shook University of Minnesota   6/4/18


Past projects

Project Name PI Name PI Institution AUSS Staff Assigned End Date
Cyber-enabled investigations of turbulence: studies of mixing and dispersion Pui-kuen Yeung    Zhao, Lan 9/30/12
Social Science Gateway Lars Vilhuber   Uram, Tom 1/25/13
Coupling climate and hydrological models: interoperability through web services Cecelia DeLuca   You, Haihang 3/14/13
Computational Studies of Complex Processes In Biological Macromolecular Systems Benoit Roux   Pamidighantam, Sudhakar 3/31/13
Science Gateway for Systems Biology Workbench Portal Bhanu Rekepalli   Gunathilake, Lahiru 4/6/13
Realizing the Universe on XSEDE: Simulation Support for the Dark Energy Survey August Evrard   Singh, Raminder 6/30/13
Evaluation of Airavata with ADaM Toolkit Manil Maskey   Gunathilake, Lahiru 9/14/13
Providing a Neuroscience Gateway Amitava Majumdar   Schwartz, Terri 11/10/13
Terrain analysis using digital elevation models David Tarboton   Fan, Ye, Liu, Yan 11/15/13
SCEC Petascale Research: An Earthquake System Science Approach to Physics-based Seismic Hazard Research Thomas Jordan University of Southern California   12/31/13
NCGAS Benchmarking and Initial Collaborations Richard LeDuc   Ma, Yu (Marie), Marru, Suresh, Pierce, Marlon 2/13/14
Coupling Climate and Hydrological Models: Interoperability Through Web Services  Cecelia DeLuca     3/14/14
SPLINTER (Structural Protein-Ligand Interactome) Robert Quick Indiana University Marru, Suresh, Singh, Raminder 3/14/14
Einstein Genome Gateway Joseph Hargitai Albert Einstein College of Medicine Pierce, Marlon 3/30/14
High-Resolution Modeling of Hydrodynamic Experiments Borries Demeler University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio Singh, Raminder 3/31/14
Science and Engineering Applications Grid (SEAGRID): A Gateway for Simulation of Molecular and Material Structures and Dynamics Sudhakar Pamidighantam University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Smith, Warren 3/31/14
CESM portal: A gateway for integrated climate modeling, data analysis, archiving and metadata publishing Matthew Huber Purdue University Marru, Suresh 4/25/14
A RADICAL Use of XSEDE: Large-Scale Atomistic MD Simulations, Multi-Scale Climate Modeling and associated Cyberinfrastructure for XSEDE Resources  Shantenu Jha Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey   6/30/14
The CIPRES Science Gateway: A Resource of Inference of Large Phylogenetic Trees Mark Miller University of California-San Diego   6/30/14
Identification of Mechanism Based Inhibitors of Oncogene Pathways Using High-Performance Docking Yuri Peterson   Rekepalli, Bhanu 6/30/13
Mesoscale Airflow over Mountains: Wave Drag and Orographic Precipitation Dale Durran   Crosby, Lonnie, Wozniak, Jo 6/30/13
Investigation of Flow and Transport in Porous Media Dimitiros Papavassiliou   James, Doug, McLay, Robert, Rosales, Carlos 6/30/13
Science Gateway for Systems Biology Workbench Portal Bhanu Rekepalli   Gunathilake, Lahiru 4/6/13
Realizing the Universe on XSEDE: Simulation Support for the Dark Energy Survey August Evrard   Singh, Raminder 6/30/13