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Please find below news stories published by XSEDE and its affiliates regarding the Extended Collaborative Supports Services (ECSS). 

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136 projects win access to XSEDE NSF supercomputing resources

136 projects win access to XSEDE NSF supercomputing resources

At its March quarterly XSEDE Resource Allocations Committee (XRAC) review, a total of 291 million computing hours, valued at just under $15 million, were awarded to 136 deserving projects throughout the country for access to NSF-sponsored high-performance computing resources and services in the XSEDE environment. These awards for allocation will support fascinating investigations ranging from molecular bioscience to social and economic science. The awardees were given awards to XSEDE-allocated resources and services like supercomputers and extended collaborative support services (ECSS).

The total requests for resources was significantly higher, totaling 837 million computeing hours, but panel review and resource limitations restricted the final awards to 291 million.

For the full list of current XSEDE allocated projects, please see here: https://www.xsede.org/active-xsede-allocations

About XRAC

If you would like to apply for an allocation on XSEDE resources and services, please visit https://www.xsede.org/using-xsede#allocations. The XRAC is a group of some of the foremost minds in computational science that help organize and review requests and recommend allocation amounts for XSEDE resources and services like time on supercomputers, storage and ECSS (Extended Collaborative Support Services) help. Awards are made quarterly, generating over one billion compute hours allocated annually. Rejected projects are crituqued and revised provposals can resubmit in the upcoming quarter.


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