Extended Collaborative Support Service (ECSS)

Designing Safer Buildings Against Natural Hazards
Making Jet Engines Quieter with XSEDE Resources
"This work allowed us to do things we hadn't even considered before"Jessica Trelogan (UT Austin), Exploration and Triage of Complex Archaeological Collections, Ritu Arora (TACC)
"The impact of the XSEDE project has been enormous"Michel Regenwetter (UIUC), Testing Multiple Specifications of Theories of Decision Making, Roberto Gomez and Anirban Jana (PSC)
"We are reimagining what topic modeling and the visualization tools can do. Our methods paper is encouraging others to use these tools."Ruby Mendenhall (UIUC), Visualizing Topic Models about African American Women's Everyday Experiences and Standpoints, Drew Schmidt (NICS) and Mark Van Moer (NCSA)
"[ECSS support is] an amazing experience and I want more of it."Sharon Tettegah (UIUC), STEM Curriculum Typology in Higher Education: Is the Problem the lack of empathic curriculum towards Women and Underrepresented, Pragnesh Patel (NICS) and Alan Craig (UIUC)

Through XSEDE's Extended Collaborative Support Service (ECSS) program, users have access to cyberinfrastructure experts with a variety of expertise. ECSS experts, many with advanced degrees in domain areas, are available for collaborations lasting months to a year to help researchers fundamentally advance their use of XSEDE resources.

Expertise is available over a wide range of areas:

  • performance analysis,
  • petascale optimization,
  • efficient use of accelerators,
  • I/O optimization,
  • data analytics
  • visualization
  • use of XSEDE by science gateways,
  • workflows

ECSS can be requested along with compute and storage resources through the XSEDE allocation process. ECSS requests can also be added to existing allocations as supplements. For sample requests, visit the ECSS justification page.

Current ECSS projects can be found on the ECSS Project Page and more detailed video presentations on recent projects can be found on the ECSS Symposium site. For further information or to speak with someone about ECSS, contact the XSEDE Help Desk.

Last update: January 14, 2016